Sing. Talk. Eat. with Ken Slavin

“Sing. Talk. Eat. with Ken Slavin” is hosted by the Jazz Crooner Ken Slavin whose background in journalism, writing, and certainly as a globally known performer makes for lively and authentic conversations between music artists of all genres.

Each episode, Slavin’s guest is a music artist whose cultural background, musical genre, and locale are unique to them — and not to the Jazz-oriented host. What the conversationalists share is a mutual love of singing, talking, and eating. The universal language of  these three elements transcend all cultural and musical styles.

From audio, to live performance and video…

Welcome to “Sing. Talk. Eat. with Ken Slavin”

In Pre-production

2020 Debut


Executive Producer: Ceslie Armstrong

Executive Producer: Ken Slavin

Producer: Stephanie Locke