NYTEX Productions CEO and executive producer of NYTEX STUDIOS, Ceslie Armstrong has proudly been a creator, leader, and executive focused on women-centric stories and business models in media & entertainment for 20+ years.

As a writer, editor, producer and talent with major women’s magazines, radio, TV, and live events, the journey to create and publish content by and for the women’s market has been incredibly rewarding but also a major challenge over the past 20 years.

Now, we have embarked on a new era and at NYTEX STUDIOS we are producing premium content across all platforms for specific segments of the women’s market. Production on our 2020-2021 slate is underway and includes multi-cultural and multi-dimensional stories including audio series, film, video, print and live experiences.”

Commenting on the rise of women’s voices across all mediums and platforms but particularly the meteoric rise of women podcast creators Armstrong said, “I am so thrilled and excited that this phase of audio-first content is emerging as the disruptor and breakthrough tool to bring the valuable women’s audience the content they crave and a destination to engage.”

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Ceslie Armstrong is the Co-chair of The Podcast Forum and Awards at Digital Hollywood twice annually in Los Angeles and at CES in Las Vegas in January.

The multi-camera live streaming stage during The Podcast Forum at Digital Hollywood May 13th and 14th, 2019 will present a block of programming featuring women creators and talent amongst the 16 shows taking the stage.

The stage is being hosted and co-produced by media & entertainment veteran, CEO and executive producer Ceslie Armstrong of NYTEX Productions and Philip Nelson, CEO of Nelco Media for Digital Hollywood.

This important and rapidly growing sector of the entertainment industry includes podcast creators who not only are producing audio content for all audiences; but, also leading conversations for highly targeted women’s audiences who are eager to join the conversation that has been largely marginalized in our industry.