Humor & Heart with Kim Coles

“Humor & Heart with Kim Coles” are conversations lead by actress, comedienne, and author Kim Coles in her signature style of candor meets comedy with a dash of hope and humility. The audience feels like they are part of the “talk” as they tune in to shows that take on juicy topics like dating, aging, parenting, girlfriending and other “ings” you didn’t even know existed.

Kim and her lively guests share real stories (that have actually happened!) from locations around the globe and in every cultural situation one can imagine. The “Spice without Sacrifice” segment on every show leaves listeners with a teachable moment to savor and practice on their way to a more empowered life with, of course, humor as a constant companion.

In Production

2020 Debut


Executive Producer: Ceslie Armstrong

Executive Producer: Kim Coles

Producer: E. Jaye Johnson

Producer: Stephanie Locke