Grapes, Grains & Grub™

“Grapes, Grains & Grub™” is a culinary-destination series that brings you compelling stories of Earth’s bounty from the culinarians, gastronomists, artisans, agronomists, and makers who fill our plates, bellies, minds, and souls.

The “Grapes, Grains & Grub™” original premium audio, video, print, and web content, programming, and experiences ring true to the editorial and brand promise that: Agriculture Tastes Good™.

Hosted by award-winning journalist and culinary expert Ceslie Armstrong

In production

A NYTEX Studios Original

Executive Producer: Ceslie Armstrong

Producer: Stephanie Locke

Original Music Composition: Frank Castro


Chef David Guas
Chef Kerry Heffernan
Distiller Mike Cameron
Chef Steve McHugh
Restaurateur Robert Rodriguez
Craft Beer Journalist Jess Baker
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