"We produce, distribute, and market original premium IP. We create meaningful and entertaining content for our own library, and, produce for brands we respect."

We are producers, marketers, storytellers, writers, journalists, and artists of all mediums. We know how to acquire audiences, engage them and keep the conversation going. We are good listeners, learners, and teachers. NYTEX Productions engages best-in-class talent for each brand and project. We respect the story and produce for the platform.

Some words to describe the NYTEX Productions culture and vibe are: creativity, patience, kindness, humor, loyalty, intensity, and humor. Our operating style is nimble and measured with a constant underpinning of creativity and urgency. We think collaboration is a high art form and we love it.

We also expect everyone we work with to give it their all at all times. We are really good listeners and we really like good listeners too. When we get inspired, big things happen and we always want to spread that inspiration through audio, video, semantic, and live performance formats across all platforms. We also might just tap you on the shoulder or lob you a call to spread the word.

We always have our tap shoes on and mic powered up just in case.

We work in many time zones. We call our homes Los Angeles, New York City, and San Antonio. We have proudly worked throughout the United States and across the globe. We think people are unique and interesting everywhere we go.



C Ceslie Armstrong

CEO, Executive Producer